Custom Size Edge Board

Shiners USA Edge Board Diagram

You can order the size of edge board that meets your specific needs. There are three measurements that determine the board size: Thickness (caliper), Leg Sizes and Board Length.

Thickness is measured in thousandths of an inch and range from .060 to .500. Custom thicknesses are available. Our nine standard thicknesses are: .060, .120, .140, .160, .180, .200, .225, .350, and .400.

Leg size options: 1.5x1.5”, 1x3”, 1.5x2.5”, 2x2”, 2x3”, 2.5x2.5”, 2x4”, 2.5x3.5”, 3x3”, 4x4”

Board Length has no restriction as long as it can be shipped.