"Shiners works for us, allowing us to work for our customers!"

Ed Harper, Intercorp
Customer Since 1998

"We used to buy from Uline and other vendors, but now we purchase from Shiners. They are dependable and easy to work with. The Reorder Reminder Labels that they provide are a great way to ensure we don't run out of product." 
Rachael Webb, Cynergy Hitech
Customer Since 2012

"Their service shows that they care about our company. Doing business with Shiners is like doing business with family, only better!!!!"
David Mercer, Dallas Specialty & Mfg. Co.
Customer Since 1992

"We have always had a good experience with this company.  The friendliness, family atmosphere, products and pricing keeps us coming back again and again.  I highly recommend Shiners for many of your business needs."

Peggy Chrusciaki, President, Hi-Tech Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Customer Since 1995

"Shiners is one of the most dependable and trustworthy vendors that we have. They designed an order checklist for our two locations that streamlines our purchasing. Shiners outshines the competition."

Tarasa King, Texas Almet
Customer Since 2002

"They are a caring family owned and operated business whose dependability is beyond compare.  Shiners purchase prices and shipping costs are much less than other vendors that we used in the past.  Any last minute needs are always met promptly. Thank you Shiners for always being attentive to our needs here at NAWF Co."
Jerry Floyd, NAWF Co.
Customer Since 1999

"We used to purchase material from Uline, but we now purchase from Shiners because their pricing is better, they deliver to us weekly (sometimes the same day we order!), and they are so friendly!  Shiners calls us often to check if we need anything delivered that week which is extremely helpful during the hectic work days when we forget to place an order.  We thoroughly enjoy working with and supporting a local family business like Shiners and their peach sorbet in the summertime is always looked forward to!"
Amy Shadowens, CED Elevator & Electrical
Customer Since 2012

"We discovered Shiners while searching for a new supplier of corrugated boxes for the assembly department. Our company consumes millions of boxes, and our existing supplier was Uline, so we knew it would be difficult to find better. We had three criteria for a new supplier, fast turn-around/shipping, better service and more competitive on price. I am glad to say Shiners is all three. Cost is important in manufacturing, and our relationship with Shiners has yielded tens-of-thousands of dollars saved. But, most surprising is how the company maintains competitive prices and provides excellent service. Our company sources much more than boxes from Shiners and they are always our first choice when we are considering additional equipment & consumables. We consider Shiners a business partner, more than just a supplier."

M. Jeremy Ashcraft, Karter Scientific Labware Manufacturing Co.
Customer Since 2016